Services can include the following tasks:

-Remove all garbage and unwanted items to donate
-Damp swipe ceiling.
-Dust and clean fixtures and fans.
-Remove and clean out light fixtures.
-Dust and wipe all ledges.
-Take out all nails and screws.
-Clean walls and baseboards.
-Dust and clean any mini blinds.
-Clean light switches and outlets, replace covers if necessary.
-Clean doors and doorknobs.
-Clean indoor windows or jalousies.
-Sweep and mop or vacuum.

-Clean exhaust fans.
-Remove soap scum from shower or tub.
-Bleach grouting if necessary.
-Clean out drains, unclog if necessary.
-Clean out bathroom drawers, cabinets, front of cabinets and remove liners.
-Clean and disinfect toilet.
-Clean and disinfect sink and counters.
-Clean mirror and metal fixtures.

-Turn on clean function of oven and set freezer to defrost 1st thing when entering house to clean.
-Clean out exhaust fan.
-Clean inside and front of freezer and refrigerator.
-Clean stove, coils and scrub drip pans.
-Remove trays, clean and scrub out oven.
-Clean outside and inside of dishwasher and microwave.
-Clean out cabinets and drawers, replace liners if necessary.
-Clean off counters and scrub out sink.
-Clean out drain, unclog if necessary.
-Pull appliances out, unplug, dust off any coils, clean sides and top, clean walls and cabinets behind, sweep and mop floor. Plug back in and replace.
-Clean front of cabinets.
-Disinfect counters and sink, shine up the sink and faucet.

Quotes may vary depending on condition of residence and special requests or exclusions of various tasks.

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